Be focused, consistent and build a community

Erica Mathews (2012) and William Arruda ( 2013) agree on remarking the importance of being focused, consistent and building a community. Social media have proof to be crucial in what comes to relating to others, thats why they have become an important source of new costumers. To this point many strategies can be followed, but many experts agree on the main points to succed, that we will now explain.

untitledFirst of all, you have to decide which your potencial costumers are going to be. In order to be able to reach the larger amount of people you will have to know what social media they are going to be using more. If you do not take this in account the efforts that you are making might be usseles as you will be adressing to a public that is not interested on your product, or a public you would not like to be related to.

Together with this you have to take in account what topics interests more your potential costumers, and how to fit them and use them in the benefit of your company. As well as the use they give to internet in general and the social media in particular, each potential group of costumers might have a similar pattern, or goals, in terms of the use of internet.

But not all the posts and subject have the same importance “Content will get you noticed and recognized once you share your information online.” (Erica Mathews) for this content to be noticed is important, as Mathews also states, that it is helpful and reliable. As it appears in the same article, a basic option might be to create a virtual community to “Start attracting people who are already looking to work with you and already needing what you have to offer.”(Erica Mathews)

“Social media only works if you work it. Consistency builds recognition and memorability.” (William Arruda) Trough the articles and websites I have read in order to write this post, consistency in the delivery of contents has always been a must. As important as it is to build a community, they all agree that communicating frequently is a, if not obligation, yes an ideal situation.

Summing up, and after the research, in order to a successful use of the social media in favor of business three main keys can be pointed out.

  •  Decide who your potential clients are and what social platforms they use more frequently.
  • Select helpful and reliable content.
  • Share content frequently.


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