Culture & Consumption

Tom Fishburne claims “the best marketing, doesn’t feel like makerting“. He is the owner of a marketing campaings company (Marketoonist). Living in a world composed by 198 countries, for sure that will exist more than 198 politics of marketing which in consequence will mean hundreds of different requests. So, the most relevant thing for a successful business will be start by answering to the question; why is so important to study culture for marketing? In Melissa Fannon’s words ,  the most important point is to become familiar with the culture of the country we are planning to establish the market. As it is mentioned before, there are many differences between continents and even in the same ones, the countries which form those continents don’t use the same marketing system or have the same preferences.Lahle Wolfe remarks the importance that customers needs and feelings when we launch a marketing campaing. One symbol can have a totally different meaning in different countries and between two sex (ex; Mc Donald’s, Coca Cola, FUBU…)

“In fact, even when it comes to “men’s” products including sports items and expensive cars, women still spend more than men. According to a study in part conducted by WomenCertified, a women’s consumer advocacy and retail training organization, women spend $4 trillion annually, accounting for 83% of all U.S. Consumer spending – or, an astounding two-thirds of the nation’s gross national product. ” Lahle Wolfe 2006

To make easier the understanding of marketing in different countries it’s totally necessary to know what is culture about, different stereotypes and how does this everything affect in marketing business. Marketing is the perfect tool to sell our good so this does not only concern mechanical finantial information but also consummer psychology. A woman won’t think in the same way as a man and her point of view will be focused on different aspects. For this reason, creating a marketing campaing there are factors that sould be taken seriously and always looking for future reactions in consummers.

“El marketing y las ventas se basan en la psicología para llevar a cabo sus objetivos, pero muchas teorías simplifican mente humana.” Luís García de la Fuente Posted on septiembre 1, 2013

A more recent view is that culture is the “meaning system” that members of any specific group use to inform their lives; to give sense, to show the way, to fulfill with meanings and to give sense of identity. Culture is learned trough socialization, dynamic, lense which determines how we see the world.  Culture has some components:

  •  Normsrules that designate forms of acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
  •  Conventions practices tied to the conduct of everyday life in various settings (foods, clothing, home furnishings, entertaining practices, respect within family/business)
  •  Customs/ritualsbehaviors that last over time and are passed down in the family setting (gender roles, holidays, ceremonies at birth, death)
  •  Values: enduring beliefs that specific modes of conduct or behaviors are preferred and others are not.

Mentioning differences between countries, “sterotype” term is always use, automatically we link a country with an image which globally tend to explain how this country is and what their needs are. Wlater Lippman use this term for the first time reffering to the image we créate in our mind of a determinate social group.

Marketing relevance of stereotypes. First of all it will position brand image and communication. Stereotype marketing ideologies might focus too much on one group and ignore another equally, or even more important.thCAEBLCM6

For this an research is needed before, understand which values do they have in that country and how to behave not to offend population and to better introduce the product in the market, I will give two example: Arabic countries consider that red color is synonym of bad luck, for this, in all business meetings red color is totally forbidden if a business man would go to a meeting with a red tie it will automatically rejected even if his offer it’s really profitable for Arabic company. The other example is something that happened two years ago, soups enterprise wanted to widespread its business in different countries, for this they launched new products forgetting that the name that they had given didn’t mean the same in all of them, the consequence was that in polish that word was totally offensive and the result was that no one bought that product.

So, now we can see the importance of well knowing a culture before going ahead to launch an aggressive marketing campaign. Experts agree that before launching new businesses a deep investigation and knowleadge search are needed.

“We are similarly different”


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