If you are not in social networks, you may not exist

The era of technology and social networks has become an essential way of communicating with people, businesses and organizations. As Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, states: “when you write an academic essay you get 50 readers, but using the network you can arrive to hundreds of millions”, massive impact are Hoffman´s favourite words. It may even happen that if you are not a member of a social network, your existence will be questioned. They help connect and bring people closer, for better and for worse.

Social networks can reflect your effort and be the best place to show your curriculum. businessRemember that “you are what you share” (Charles Leadbeater) and they may help you find a job all along the world and even get that fame which otherwise you would never have; something that could be confirmed by Justin Bieber, who was discovered on Youtube and is known as “the child of social networking”; he tries to answer every comment people send to him, it is his way of giving thanks for the jump to fame he had thanks to his followers, nowadays, more than 47.491.793. Apart from music and movie stars, social media has also helped the rest of mortals find a job. According to Jobvite survery the 16% of the Americans who have been looking for work found their actual job thanks to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Therefore, it is not only a question of being in networks, but of making your portrait really amazing. As Kay Luo, the former Director of Corporate Communications at LinkedIn, explains, the reason why companies use some social networks such as LinkedIn is the following: “ referrals from their employees are highly valued because they typically have a higher success rate (hence the popular “employee referral bonuses”). LinkedIn helps companies leverage the networks of their employees”.

Today more and more actors, writers, politics, athletes upload their most primitive opinions and private images; and what begins with the intention of being closer to people, sometimes  may end as “a path of muddled missteps”. It is not fair to attribute it to social media, it is true that sometimes summarizing an idea into 140 characters is not an easy task and it often results in misunderstanding; but the problem is usually that the ideas are not properly developed or elaborated. People write and post whatever they think without being totally informed about and most od the time they are not conscious that the message may be read by thousands of people.

It happened to Asthon Kutcher, the author of the tweet bellow in which he tries to support the football coach Joe Paterno, dismissed due to his  implication in a case of child-abuse, something that the actor did not know when Kutcher published his tweet. 


Pictures, videos and information run rapidly through Facebook and Twitter, among others. Thus, the inappropriate use of social networks have always a reprisal. Many people have learnt that social networks can make them get fired such as this ex-employee of Taco-Bells whose photo was shared in social media.

Nowadays, it seems that everything must be posted or uploaded in social networks, in other words, “to a man with an internet connection, every thought and every movement sounds like a tweet or status update”  (Mokokoma Mokhonoana) , but not everything is worthwhile.  It is not only important to be in social networks, and take part actively in them, but also to do it well, leaving your best trace online.



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18 thoughts on “If you are not in social networks, you may not exist

  1. You hit the nail on the head with your conclusion. It is not only important to be in social networks, but also to take part actively and do it well. But I think there is previous step: you should consider why do you want to be in, what do you want to obtain, how you will do it, what you willl need… The answers will give you the key to decide about being or not in the networks.

  2. We all have to be aware of what we put in the social networks, you never know who is going to see it. I totally agree with you

  3. Completamente de acuerdo con tu publicación, ¡debemos ser conscientes de la gran influencia que pueden llegar a tener determinadas opiniones en las redes sociales!

  4. Well done!
    This is a really interesting topic for me!
    I like your point of view; we must ask ourselves about the best way to take the most of social networks.
    In addition, I consider interesting the analyze of the time that we dedicate to them. Maybe for a second blog? 😉

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