Philip Kotler, who is considered the father of Modern Marketing, remarked on the “Sales and Marketing World Fórum” that “Marketing is both science and art. The artistic side corresponds to publicity. The scientific side is related with the development of the product, the tests that it is subjected to and the cernainity that someone needs it. Both sides form marketing.”

Marketing is part of everything. We don’t realize it because it is almost imperceptible, but we have to start thinking about it. Marketing is used to make products more attractive to consumers. When a company wants to sell their product or service, they have to make it more attractive than its competitors. Lets see the example that Kotler uses: “products are easy to be sold when they have something unique, something that people like. That’s why Montblanc’s fountain pens triuph. People can write with a cheaper one, but other fountain pen wouldn’t reflect their personality as well as Montablanc’s”. For that reason, they create a shocking design  or make a great advertisement. Consumers,  who don’t focus on those aspects,  assume this advertisement as a real information but the problem comes when people take this information for granted.

Publicity is part of marketing. Publicity is to make advertisements for people to know one product and to buy it. What marketing does  is to develop the company’s strategies to make the product be known. Some examples of good marketing strategies without publicity are Apple or Starbucks. Those brands became very well-known only with their logo and people’s recommendations. According to Alexander Osterwalder marketing is the whole company and not only a department, it is the phylosophy of the company.

At first it was only part of products. Big companies started thinking how to promote their products and increase their sales. Seeing that it was so useful, they started to integrate it on others things.  And as I said before, nowadays marketing is part of everything. Kotler  said that: “It is the social and administrative process by which groups and individuals satify their necessities by creating and interchanging goods and services”

Such a useful tool as it is marketing , it is becoming necessary in some aspects of our global community. One example could be Arts, where anyone can’t succeed on if they don’t follow the marketing strategies. They must follow the rules that are stablished and not do what they want.

To sum up I want to say that the marketing is what makes us to have this image of the product or of the brand, even if it is not the main proposal of it. Marketing is what makes us feel part of the brand, what makes us feel better than others because we are using this product and not other of the competence.


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Marketing mezcla de ciencia y arte. Foromárketing.

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