Forgotten but not Dead

Cementerio de los libros olvidados LCA

In the middle of Barcelona, Spain, there is an old and terrifying building called The Cementery of Forgotten Books, where lots of books are safe and hidden from people who want them to be destroyed. This fictitious place was created by Carlos Ruiz Zafón ,the well known spanish writer, for his adult- books collection with the same name (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books). He has been completing this anthology during years, but now he has bring out the third novel under the name “The Prisoner of Heaven“. As the reporter Yvvone Zipp wrote in The Washington Post  August 03, 2012:

“The Prisoner of Heaven” is Zafon’s third novel set around Sempere & Sons bookstore and the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, a fabled repository in Barcelona where people are allowed to choose one volume in their lifetime,”

This collection of manuscripts has had lot of controversy, when “The Angel’s Game” came out, people got angry because they were lost in the timeline, but as Yvvone Zipp said in her report:

“Zafon claims you don’t have to read his books in chronological order, but “The Prisoner of Heaven” would be a confusing place to start. This slender novel provides some answers to what happened to David Martin, the writer who made a Faustian bargain in “The Angel’s Game” (2008), and to the mother of Daniel, the young hero in “The Shadow of the Wind” (2001).”

The same did say Steven Poole in The Guardian:

“Only belatedly did I realise that this is actually the third novel in Zafón’s sequence. Luckily, we are assured that the books can be read in any order. I immediately bought the other, The Angel’s Game, to take on holiday.”

This collection of novels is fullfiled with secrets, feelings and mystery atmopheres that provides everybody a good fun time. Tara Olmsted said in her blog that:

“In The Shadow of the Wind,The Angel’s Game and, most recently, The Prisoner of Heaven, Zafón is writing an ever expanding narrative.  He not only creates connections between characters, but suggests new interpretations of events.”

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