Erica Mathews: an example of entrepreneurship

Founder of Visionary Marketing Group, created the company on online marketing whith the aim of being the owner of her life, and so she was able to work in something she likes. In Erica´s own words: “It´s all about creating a business and life that you enjoy as an entrepreneur!”erica mathews

Former high school teacher, Erica enjoyshelping others in creating online bussines, obtaining profits from online marketing and using with the best turnouts possible from the use of the internet. She went through different fields until finding that one that allow her “To have a business that i love, the lifestyle i desire” and also helping other people in the work of finding an online path to a career.

When in 2010 she finded out the internet business world as a way to improve, share and create a succesful business, on which she could share the knowledge adquired through years of experience on different fields.

On her website, she shares interesting articles, as well as very useful pieces of knowledge. At you will find different sections such as branding/design, coaching or products, as well as a testimonial part where people she helped describe the process.

She also shares information daily at her Twitter account, being like that an example to everyone that wants to make a living out of internet, and proving that continuity is key when it comes to aiming to create an online community.

Sources of information:

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