Predictions of the marketing

Nancy Baghat, the vicepresident of marketing strategy of Intel said that we are going to see a huge increase in location-based marketing. With the rapid proliferation of devices and the explosion of the internet of things, people will be carrying, utilizing and depending on their devices more than ever. As part of the increased dependency, there is an increased expectation of services and personalization.

Susan Emerick, manager of enterprise, social strategy and programs at IBM said that, “cognitive computing is next big digital trend. More specifically, the beginning of a new era, where systems learn and interact naturally with people to extend what either humans or machine could do on their own.  Rather than being programmed to anticipate every possible answer or action needed to perform a function or set of tasks.                                                                                                                                 This will unfold in years to come, helping human experts make better decisions in many capacities. Applying this to marketing and communications will help us better understand, anticipate & respond to customers.”

David Berkowitz said that,” Marketers are going to have to come to terms with disappearing social media. This is much bigger than Snapchat. So much content shared today is private, and it often disappears, so marketers aren’t readily able to track and target such consumers.”  And he expect marketers to explore new, creative ways of reaching consumers who prioritize privacy.

Sally Schmidt has an article on today’s Attorney at work that outlines some 2014 goals and strategies that may just help you and your firm in the coming year. She talks about four areas to focus on, and I wholeheartedly endorse her marketing and business development suggestions:


1. Increase your personal interaction, 2. Provide better client services, 3. Look for oportunities to raise your profile, 4. Work on your credentials.



By Tom Kane December 16th, 2013

By Ekaterina Walter

December 2oth, 2013

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