Blogging for a living: not as easy as it seems

Choosing to blog is a common decision in nowadays society according to Phil Mershon (2011) but one of the first things that need to be done, according to Brenda Stoltz (2014),  is to seblogging-imaget clear goals for the blog. But it is not always easy to succes as Geof Williams (2013) discovers. It is crucial to have in mind the different perspectives in order to be more likely  to succes on the path of blogging for a living.Read More »

Profitable Businesses in Crisis Times

As the contributor in Forbes magazine Fabienne Friedrickson said:

The high tech environment in which we do business today—with real-time
tools involving email and social media—allows us to communicate and
interact with millions of people in an instant with the simple click of a
button, automate and pre-schedule just about anything we want to say,
and carry out entire campaigns almost single handily. These tools allow
us to accomplish so much with so little—yet they can also desensitize
us in a way that puts our businesses—and more importantly our
humanity—at risk unless we start to pay closer attention.

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Social Media Customer Service

Specialists in the field of social media marketing such as Brian Solis have come to the conclusion that social media can mean both a chance of success or a disaster when dealing with customers. Unlike companies’ previous systems  of dealing with customer complaints, social media include many possibles ways of making protests public. Furthermore, the truth about customers is that when they have a positive experience they tell a few people, but when they have a negative one they tell all the world. In order to avoid such a negative publicity for a company it is crucial to know which are the qualities that make a social customer service good.

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Giving your business a boost in 2014

índiceAndrew Wang claims that “Internet marketing is what you need to start increasing your sales figures”. If you are just starting you have to plan carefully your campaing. As he says, “after all, when it comes to marketing on the web, there are a ton of different choices you can make on how to run your campaign”. So, here you can find some of the best tips to give your business a boost.Read More »

Irudi subliminalak

37429-14-publicidad-subliminalPublizitate subliminala ez da gaur eguneko gauza, 1957 urtetik abian dago. Marcela Orozkok argitaratu duenez Todo Marketing web orrialdean, James Vicary-k  publizitatea asaldatu zuen, ikus-entzunetako arlora bideratzean. Hartzaileari iragarpenaren mezua nolabait, beste modu batez heltzen lortuz: mezu izkutu baten bidez.

Pubizitate mota hau ugariagoa da mezu ikusgaietan, hots, aldizkarietako eta telebistako iragarkietan, edota karteletan.Read More »