Clear differences between BusinessWoman and BusinessMan.

“A Business Woman needs a succesful mix of design and practicality.”- Donatella Versace.

“A businessman is dynamic; a businesswoman is aggressive.

He is good on details, she is picky.

He loses his temper; she is crabby.

He’s a go-getter; she is pushy.

When he’s depressed, everyone tiptoes past his office; when she is moody it must be her time of the month.

He follows through; she doesn’t know when to quit.

He’s confident; she’s stuck up.

He stands firm; she’s hard as nails.

He has the courage of his convictions; she is stubborn.

He’s a man of the world; she’s been around.

He can handle his liquor; she’s a lush.

He isn’t afraid to say what he thinks; she’s mouthy.

He’s human; she’s emotional.

He exercises authority diligently; she is power-mad.

He is closemouthed; she is secretive.

He can make quick decisions; she’s impulsive.

He runs a tight ship; she’s hard to work for.”


(Author unknown.)


With this little piece of a kind of poem we could find some topics of businessman and businesswoman. Probably some of them are true but not all of them could be considered as real topics. We are always searching for equality, especially when there are huge differences.

In issues of the enterprise there a lot of differences, first one for our condition of be woman, because we are able to have children and because we have joined the enterprise market…

For example in the net we could find some different pages about improving women situations and boosting their ideas. In the United Kingdom the men start twice new business or enterprises the women, and this is unacceptable because it is supposed that nowadays our world everything has changed but this is not true and everyone should do something to improve this situation. The worst thing is probably the big differences between developed countries and the undeveloped countries.

But apart from all of these bad reasons, we can see the sun shining too. The proportion of small and medium enterprises run by woman is increasing day by day. There are a lot of potential in women who have a lot of ideas for new enterprises, and if every single women who have an idea there will be in the United Kingdom one million of enterprises more.

To improve this situation we could find out some things:

To develop our business skills; not all women are too sure about developing their skills and sometimes they probably need help to start creating their new enterprises. We have to find the resources to start developing the skills and growing up your new business. Mentors are also so important; they are people who can help you and can support you with your ideas.


There is also a Woman´s Business Council which was established in the year 2012 to advise the different governments how women contribute in the economic growth and how it can be improved or optimised.  How to finance our business it is so important, financing your enterprise is crucial for a successful business.

After all of this theoretical issues, we find Women’s Business Network, there are wide of them especially for women, these networks offer events, support, advice and a lot of more business stuff.  Some examples are:

  • Enterprising Women: in this network we can find, empower, connect, campaign, support for businesswomen.[
  • Everywoman: a global membership organisation which celebrates the advances of women in the business. []
  • Forward Ladies: Women’s networking that support organisations. []
  • Prowess; Women in business: Prowess provides a comprehensive list of national and some international women’s business networks, a map of local services, support and finance for women in enterprise. []
  • Mumpreneur: Support and advice for women juggling family life with starting up and running a business. []
  • WEConnect International: Identifies, educates, registers, and certifies women’s business enterprises based outside of the U.S. that are at least 51% owned, managed, and controlled by one or more women, and then connects them with multinational corporate buyers.[]

Again on the question of this whole issue, women have also events finder to know when the important events are going to take place. Another thing that I think it would be as important for mothers and fathers, is the childcare, which is up to both parents. The entire world all the history has taken for granted that women have to take care of their children, they have to clean up the whole house, and cook for the husband and the children. But nowadays this has changed, not as much as I would like but we still have to fight.

Now to conclude with this little article I am going to talk about the inequality of gender in labour market.  Gender differences between in the work usually come from social factors that have been influencing the behaviour of men and women. Some organisations welcome gender diversity and encourage the inclusion of both sexes in the decision making of the company and offering opportunities for advancement.

Other organizations discourage the inclusion of gender bias and promoting workplace. In most companies, gender differences add value and diverse perspectives to organization.

The description of these differences could be physical and emotional, both of them are essential to know the characteristics which influenced the men and the women in their respective workplaces.  Men and women have different perceptions in the workplace, in terms of organization structure, the resolution vision problems of style and work-related conflict. In addition, differences in the individual work style are remarkable.


Misunderstandings between the sexes often cause conflicts in the workplace. Men and women perceive information differently, which can lead to feelings of exclusion or complaints of sexual harassment or discrimination. Managers can combat this problem through training and development initiatives that focus on greater awareness of gender issues. Administrators can also encourage change in employee behaviour to strengthen the working relationship between men and women, and lead by example.

After reading all the information I had to search to make this draft I could say that women are now closer to the equality but we are only in the middle of the way, we have to stand up for our rights and we finally reach it.


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