Creating content: quality better than quantity

Putting together the five steps and strategies and following the words of Jonathan Long and Roger Bryan, the task of creating an effective content mix will turn into a surprisingly easy and attractive activity.

Setting up a company and making the best of it is not an easy task. In many cases, in order to recover the initial investment it is of great importance to build a strong brand and reinforce it little by little. In a company, for instance, the content is one of the keys to success. Because if content is well built, the followers will come and the money will do it also with them.

There is a wide variety of creating written content but now visual content is becoming each day more useful and attractive. Consumers tend to react in a better way to visual issues in which photos, videos, graphics… are included. In order to gain a strong audience it is crucial to create valuable content, thus the user can empathize and connect for more options behind the brand without getting sucked.

The value of the content is known when shared and for that the social sharing is basic and essential. According to Jonathan LongFounder&CEO of Market Domination Media, the content must be high qualified and for him this are the five best ways to generate rewarding and attractive content in a company.

  1. Write in an easy to understand format: It is not comparable to write a book to write a blog post. The structure, content or even the vocabulary is completely different and that is why a blog post must be written following a simple pattern.
  2. Stay Consistent: launching a website means a big step forward but it does not have sense to do it if there is not going to be in a continuous way. Publish each x days or weekly and that will be enough.
  3. Publish content in several different forms and through multiple channels: in order to make it more appealing it is a great choice to add pictures, infographics, tables and creative images and make the page fresh and readable.
  4. Get involved in online communities and other authority outlets: to be openminded and interact with other blogs/websites is an effective idea. To discuss, create and share can help the brand creating marketing content too.
  5. Get organized: the marketing strategy is as important as the quality of the posts. Dedicate as much time as content you want to create and publish. Organization and schedules are necessary for not to miss deadlines.

Then, in addition to those five tips and linked to the fifth point, there is another helpful tool that can help us create quality content in Digital Marketing. The strategy and plan followed are based on the content behind, thats to say; the backbone of the strategy.

This time, taking advantage of Roger Bryan‘s words and experience in the marketing industry, here are three gold rules for developing appealing content that every content should follow:

Roger Bryan’s three gold rules




The shared content must be relevant and informative for the reader. After reading, they should have learn a couple of things or solve the doubts they may have because if not that means that the content is empty, without substance. The content can be published in many sites or applications but depending the place, the information should be adapted because each post has a different purpose. It is algo good to know that the information can vary from specific, general or strategic information for instance.

The publications must be interesting and catchy from the first to the last word but paying special attention to the first paragraph or the opening sentence. To keep the attention of the user key sentences, facts, numbers, graphics or funny pictures are one of the best strategies and so grab their attention, interest and time. Apart from keeping things engaging, it is also a good point to write in an understandable way and that means to avoid technical or difficult words and everlasting paragraphs.

And last but not least its the relevance of the content. It must be relevant bilaterally: on the one hand to the company that it’s being written about and on the other hand to the market/public it has been created for. For that, there is nothing better than a good pre-work and research to create consistent and trustworthy content, based on real data and primary sources and so create it appealing to both.


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