IKEA,  A success story.



“Only those who are asleep make no mistakes.” (Kamprad, Founder of IKEA)


IKEA is one of the most famous enterprises in the world. It is a multinational group of companies that designs and sells ready to assemble furniture, appliance, small motor vehicles and home accessories. It is the  largest furniture retailer in the world. It was founded in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad, who could make some mistakes but he built an empire. Nevertheless, how is all this success possible?

First of all it is important to know how IKEA started to get to know the key to its success. The history of IKEA started in 1926 when its founder was born. Ingvar Kamprad was born in Smaland, in the south of Sweden.

When he was a child, he knew that he wanted to have his own business and when he was five years old, he started to sell matches. Two years after he was selling other products also, such as seeds or pens.

In 1943 when Ingvar Kamprad was 17 years old, his father gave him money because of his good grades and Ingvar decided to use that money to start his new business. That was the way of how IKEA appeared, and the name comes from an acronym of the initials, I from Ingvar, K from Kamprad, E from Elmtaryd, which is the farm where he was born, and finally A from Agunnaryd the little village where he lived and grew up.

At the beginning of this business, IKEA sold watches, pens, wallets, jewellery and other different products with low prices.

In 1945 the first advertisement of IKEA appeared, because his founder realized that he was being very successful and he put and advertisement in the local newspaper. He also started to use mail order which was a good idea to attract more new clients.

In 1948 the little enterprise started to sell furniture in selection of IKEA. And it was a really good idea, because nowadays it is only known for its furniture all around the world.

In 1951, after the success of the furniture from IKEA, the owner decided to publish his first catalogue of IKEA. This is one of the most iconic things from IKEA; the majority of the people have seen one of these catalogues in their lives, so it was a brilliant work to do it in that year, when it was something completely new for everybody and very useful to ask for furniture in different places.Ikea-1951

In 1953 IKEA opened its first furniture exposition, other iconic thing from this business. People could see and touch the product before they buy them. It was incredible for the clients and it was more incredible for the competence. IKEA began to lower the prices and some people, probably from the competence could not believe that they were good products and so cheap, so they treated to boycott IKEA saying that they were making better products than IKEA because it was impossible to have those low prices and quality as well. But IKEA does not give up and show their products in exposition to make sure the client that its products are perfectly good and cheap.

In 1956, they began to design furniture for flat packs and self-assembly. This is probably the most important innovation which IKEA has done in its whole history. This happened because when Ingvar bought a table he wanted to drive it to his home and he could not because it was too big. He thought and he had a great idea, cutting the table legs.

In 1958, IKEA opened its first shop in Sweden, which was the biggest in Scandinavia. Between 60’s and 70’s, everything was beginning to take shape, new shops were opened and new products were developed. Between 80’s and 90’s this brand was expanded to new markets such as USA, United Kingdom, France or Italy, and in those years “IKEA and the children” was created to satisfy the necessities of families with children. During these years it was founded “the IKEA group” to promote social awareness which is something fundamental for very lucrative deals.

In the 2000, IKEA arrived in Japan and also in Russia, and kitchen and bedrooms were made during these last years.

Apart from the history of IKEA, the marketing of IKEA is something really necessary to be mentioned in this post. When someone goes to IKEA is almost impossible to go out of IKEA without something in his or her hands. IKEA has got 7 tricks to make people buy something in their installations.IMG_5403

The first one is the way in an IKEA shop, the client have to follow a way to get out of the shop, so it is impossible to get out of this shop without a product, because the client sees every single product and probably one of them could be tempting for the client.

The second one are the offers, when someone is looking for something concrete in IKEA is exposed to see a lot of sales and offers of other products, so it is impossible to avoid the temptation.

The third one is the bags, which invite the client to pick up more products because it is easier to buy more products if your hands are free.

The fourth one is the restaurant, apart from the money they get with this restaurant, they make another important thing. The client has a rest in there and is able to think about his or her shopping, and discuss about it with his or her partners.

The fifth one is the decoration. An IKEA shop looks like a real house; it makes the client feels like he/she is at home, very comfortable atmosphere which makes you buy more because it looks very nice in the exposition and you would like to have a home like that.

The sixth one is the name of the furniture; it makes the furniture more familiar, so it invites the client to buy these nice products.

The seventh one and the last one are the advertisements, which are very famous. They are known because they are very familiar and very positives, and they send the message that you are going to have a sweet home if you buy your furniture in IKEA. The music always accompanies these advertisements. Here I leave one example of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzCLshtTnxg

To sum up, IKEA is a good example of successful enterprise which is growing day a day and have a lot of marketing tricks to sell their products.


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