Advertising is always with us.

Publicity is one of the most important things of the enterprises, because is the way they have got to sell their products. Wherever the human being is there will be advertisements in there.  If you are walking down the street probably you can see a lot of publicity in the walls, in the bars or in the shops. And of course the bigger is the city there are more advertisements in it. Could you imagine New York City without publicity? It is impossible to our minds. We are so used to publicity that we do not even realize when it is in front of us, trying to sell us something.Times-Square-New-York-5

To make a good advertisement it is important to know the following tips, because they are necessary to sell something through the publicity. Here you have ten of them to start thinking how to make a good advertisement:

The first one is a clear message, the message has to be as simple as it could be, and the client has to understand it. That is the most important part of publicity, selling and buying products and if the consumer cannot understand what is going to buy he will not buy it. As simple as that! We need explanations for what products we are going to buy. So if the advertisement and its message are clear, better for the majority of the population.

The second one is to respect everybody and of course the diversity, it is not very recommendable to give to the spot a determinate genre or race. It is better to join everything together, for different campaigns. We have to stop doing sexist publicity, to make the woman the whole point of the theme. There are a lot of proposals in this aspect, such as eliminate every women in the advertisements for one day, to make people realize that there are too much women in the publicity and we have to stop this. Not at all, but men have to be at the same level, appearing half naked in the majority of the advertisements.

The third one is integrating all the consumers in your spot, because if you see someone really near to you in an advertisement it is easier that you buy that product. The publicity has to have all the positive feelings of its audience, it has to give us the enthusiasm for live “le joie de vivre” in French.

The fourth one is to not limit your audience; everybody could buy your product so you cannot limit the client. You need all their money to continue selling your products, including everybody in your spot is the best way to do it.

The fifth one is finding a good design; the image of the spot is going to be very important in the future and of course in the future of the enterprise.


The sixth one is to use the mass media to show your advertisement, there are a lot nowadays, and probably they are going to grow up day a day. The most important now is the internet, where you can find whatever you want, and paying in some webs to show your advertisement is a very good idea, because a lot of people are going to see it. Now there are a lot of types of publicity in internet, starting with the publicity in the websites, the video advertising which appears suddenly on the screen, famous people who share their new products in their social networks. The last one is probably the most effective from my point of view recently, because I know a lot of people who has done this, and it is very effective.

The seventh one is to be very economic, it is important to sell your product, but are you completely sure that is going to be sold if you do that expensive advertisement? If you are a big brand probably, but if you are not part of an important brand is better to save more money.

The eighth one is being honest with the consumer. It is one of the last tips but probably is one of the most important things to think about when you are trying to make an advertisement. It is not good to lie to your consumers, because you are earning money because of them, so think one moment about that and be honest and grateful with all of them.

The ninth one is to be creative and unique. It is something which can decide if you are going to sell a lot or not. There are some advertisements which can make a pronounced difference in people, the ones which are in our mind after we see them. The ones which make the population want the product they show. Those are the best advertisements which follow us the whole day, the ones which are in our thoughts.

The last one is to distribute the benefits. This is a good point to be treated because it is very useful for the image of the enterprise and for the good cohabitation inside the company. Every worker is going to feel more comfortable if they see some results in their work and in their progress, so distributing is a good way to make the enterprise get bigger.


Apart from these useful tips I am going to show you the most seen advertisements. Nowadays, there are a lot of types of publicity on paper, on the television, on the radio, on internet… But probably the type which has more impact in the actuality is the television advertising, including in this kind of advertisements the ones which appear on internet. Here there are the three most important in the history of internet:

  • Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout , by Turkish Airlines:

  • Baby and me, by Evian:

  • Clash of Clans: Revenge (Official Super Bowl TV Commercial), by Clash of Clans:


Watching these commercials the only conclusion is that or we need famous people or be very innovative. All depends in the quantity of money, but it is essential to try to do your best!



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