Green Marketing

Most of society is not prepared to reduce its level of consumption. The aim of marketing is to change consumption habits, to consume in a different way. Therefore, the concern about environmental issues should be moved to the purchase and consumption behavior. According to Daniel Cano García, the ecological marketing arises due to environmental movement that had been concerned about the consequences for the environment.

Marketing is a tool that is used by all companies to achieve their goals. It is a necessary market strategy to carry out activities of a product or service in order to know, to satisfy and to influence the purchasing decisions of the client, which generates a high benefit for the company. There are many definitions of green, ecological or environmental marketing, but basically, and as it is defined by the American Marketing Association, Green Marketing is “the Marketing of products that are safe for the environment”. At present, there are many consumers who look for this type of goods and services, especially to have the option to choose, to be better informed and make the purchase that is less damaging to the environment. As a consequence, the market faces a new type of consumer, who is more sensitive towards the environmental degradation.

“One of the first challenges of effective green marketing is establishing credibility through a comprehensive plan. First, green marketing has to be business-wide. It does no good to advertise the green properties of a product if the company’s production and distribution entirely ignore environmental concerns. Second, it has to be honest; unsubstantiated claims should be avoided. Third, it should be transparent. Consumers need information about a business to evaluate its claims and reputation; therefore, the business should promote awareness of its products’ histories, including origin and manufacturing. Fourth, a product can be certified green by a third party. Some companies do self-certification; however, for that to be credible, a third party needs to be able to review and approve their certification processes.” (Marketing Schools., 2012)

Although the cities are the main emissions of gas, there are many more factors that worsen our quality of life and end with our planet, such as deforestation and the pollution of air and sea. Some companies have improved their products so that they are not harmful to the environment, brands such as McDonalds, put their food in cardboard boxes and Nivea, began to use packaging degradable in water, these companies have joined in favor of the environment. For that reason, advertising campaigns have used their high level of influence and scope to raise awareness on this issue through creative campaigns implemented in strategic places, which requires to stop and think to start making a change.

It is possible that the epoch of crisis through that we are living has reduced the investments of the companies in this type of marketing, because ecological products offer a vision of major price against other products. Nevertheless, offer an image of the company concerned with the environment can provide greater long-term benefits. (Ángel, M., 2011)

-Retrieved from Indian Streams Research Journal.

In Marketing Ecológico, an article retrieved from the free encyclopedia of the company called “Descuadrando”,  there can be distinguished two types of ecological marketing: from a social perspective and from a business perspective.

  • From a social perspective, the ecological marketing is seen as a set of activities seeking to encourage society to create environmental awareness, to improve some behaviors that could be much more beneficial for the environment. A set of actions carried out by enterprises without any purpose profit, only to spread ideas and environmental behaviors between citizens and the institutions of the countries.
  • From a business perspective, it is which applies to sell ecological products, this means, which seeks to meet needs without harming the environment. The companies have the obligation to take care of the environment and to ensure the preservation or balance of the same one, in fact, many of them have developed respectful politics and performance plans with the environment, taking an increase as an answer in the demand of its products for the final consumer, who has decided to reward companies compromised in  tasks with the environment.

In his blog, Daniel Cano explains that this marketing, consists of three important functions, in order to be able to be carried out, which are the following ones: redirect the consumer choice, reorient the marketing mix of the company and reorganize the behavior of the company. Carrying out this actions, there would be fulfilled the intention of this marketing that is to take care of the environment, which is very important because this one would affect our quality of life in a future if it is not taken into account.

  1. Redirect the consumer choice. The idea is to increase the number of ecological consumers. Consumer education turn into a necessary step to overcome what can be described as “the biggest ecological problem plaguing the planet”: the lack of environmental information. To inform about the effects that cause pullution, as well as it has been reported to the businessmen about  considering the disasters that happen on having thrown a pollutant product.
  2. Reorient the marketing mix of the companies. To achieve that the quality of the environment is not affected negatively by the marketing decisions, it is necessary to incorporate environmental each of the marketing policies. This step involves: ecologic prize, product, communication and distribution.
  3. Reorganize the behaviour of the company. Green marketing is not only a set of skills destined to design and to commercialize products less harmful to the natural environment; it is, also, a way of understanding the terms of trade, based on the seek for the satisfaction of the 3 parties engaged in it: the consumer, enterprise and the environment.

To sum up, the marketing must take a very active role in the changes in favor of more ecological alternatives, so that it helps to change behaviors of suitable form and to provide commercial alternatives more compatible with the environment. For this purpose, it is necessary the coordination of social forces, environmental groups and the authorities of different countries, so that they join forces and do not delay the change towards a more sustainable model. A Green Marketing is just one of the tools that can contribute to the good sustainable development, depends on all of us consumers, businesses and public administrations to contribute to the success of these initiatives that are integrated into our lives from day to day.



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