Marketing Mix and Strategies

As it affirms the blog “pixel creativo”, the discipline of marketing has its aim on maintaining the clients of an specific product or service by satisfying their necessities, and that is why it is continuously analyzing the market and consumers’ behavior. During 1950, the professor Neil Bourden from, the business school of Harvard, redefined the position of the Marketing boss, developing what it is called “Marketing Mix”, with the aim of concreting determined objectives and establishing closer relation with clients. 

According to this same blog “pixel creativo”, the concept of Marketing Mix refers to the group of key elements by which a business or a product will influence in the decision of the client. Professor Bourden developed twelve different variables, including: the product, price, brand, distribution channels, sales staff, publicity, promotion, exhibition, service, distribution and investigation.

In 1984 the AMA (American Association Marketers) consecrated him in its definition of Marketing: “planning process and implementation of the concept price, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy the objectives of the individual and the organization”.

Then, marketing is a philosophy of business management that is based on focus the activities of the company according to the needs of the consumer. This is evident because the consumer is who brings the sales for the company and these are which ensure its permanence, growth and development. However, to make this philosophy really interesting for the company must develop and translate through concrete actions. It is through the coherent and coordinated implementation of the different strategies of the marketing that the company will be able to meet the needs of the consumer in a cost-effective way and thus occupy a position in the market.

But the society keeps developing as well as the world of Marketing does, and professor Jerome McCarthy from the Michigan State University unified all these is just four variables, known nowadays as the 4 Ps of Marketing Mix:

  1. PRODUCT: It refers to all the tangible and intangible services and products that are offered in the market with the aim of satisfying wishes or necessities. The product requires well established characteristics as for example the color, size, length of the product or service, etc. This product has a life cycle, but it depends on the consumer and competence. this cycle has four different phases: Release, Growth, Maturity and Decline.
  2. PRICE: To know the price the total cost that the product represents needs to be calculated, that is, including the distribution, discounts and guarantees that implies.
  3. PLACE or DISTRIBUTION: It refers to the way the product arrives to the client. Distribution makes the difference between the different brands, as it has not got the same success a standard brand than a brand with delivery.
  4. PROMOTION: Communicate, inform, persuade the client about the company, product and its discounts are the principal features of promotion. For the promotion, we can make use of different tools such as publicity, sales promotion, sales force, public relations and interactive communication (media as the Internet).


The retention of the clients and their interaction with products and services  will tilling new theories on marketing, it is well that arise new philosophies such as the 4C’s where the Marketing Mix is no longer applied since the point of view of the product but rather the client. (Pixel Creativo S.A.C.)

Strong competition and rivalry in these times have forced the companies in the industry of shoes to devote much of its resources to improve the Mix of marketing strategies. It is clear that the company Nike with its line of sneakers have not been excluded of this dynamic trend. This is how we established solid planning in this aspect and the constant improvements that should make Nike shoes to differentiate themselves from their competitors and take more and more root to its growing market.

Despite the fact that, initially, we speculate that product, price, promotion and distribution tend to be homogeneous in the companies in the industry, we saw the strong differentiation between them, but mainly, we note the efforts made by Nike in these four variables, efforts which, according to our study, are still not completely finished, because they can and should continue to improve in order to go along with the trends of consumption to pretend to be always better located than his competition.

In order to understand better the concept of Marketing Mix, here there are two examples:

  1. Bonafont Water:
    • Product: Bonafont water 1.5 l.
    • Price: $8.00
    • Place: Supermarket and Aliment stores.
    • Promotion: Internet, TV, Radio, NewsPaper, street advertisements.
  2. Dodot
    • Product: Dodot diaper
    • Price: $5.50
    • Place: Supermarket
    • Promotion: Internet, TV, Radio, NewsPaper, street advertisements.

In order to carry out a good Marketing Mix, there are 5 marketing strategies suggested by Alicia Ro, considered appropriate to obtain that Marketing Mix:

  • Marketing of interruption: It has been commonly practiced in the traditional communication media. It consists in interrupting the user in his activity and offering him a bright object which captures his attention. Consumers are tired of this type of publicity, but it is the more rapid way of measuring the impact of publicity.
  • Indirect Marketing: It is possible that the consumer is not aware of this type of Marketing, as it offers publicity about the consumers’ likes. Content Marketing can be included in this category.
  • Recommended Marketing: Publicity of a service or product which has been given by talking between people. For example, if you are about to reserve one restaurant and you have doubts between two, and one of them has been recommended by friends and the other one by the internet, it is probable that you will choose the one recommended by friends.
  • Loyalty Marketing: It consists in using the appropriate tools in order to maintain happy the existent clients not to go to the competition. This type of marketing makes a good job in platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Sponsorships: Its function is to boost the brand’s image.

As it has been focused, there are lots of ways of doing Marketing, depending on which the objective is.



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