The positive influence that social networks have on marketing and selling campaigns.

Jimena Azinovic, Cristina Dominguez and the website PuroMarketing agree on  the positive influence social networks and marketing have on selling campaigns. Social networks are one of the easiest and cheapest tools for publishing your brand in your objective market. Connecting with influential people on social media around you will help, by making your range wider and expanding your visibility.Then, known as individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because their authority, knowledge or social position, influencers are becoming a key element in order to increase the number of sales. Their main function is to create native publicity (which means that they create content in a natural way and not as invasive publicity) and if they act as they should they can only provide good advantages to the company.

One of those advantages is that they improve your reputation. Because if someone talks positively about your brand it is not just proving your quality but legitimizing your strategy and so get closer to consumers. Then it has been proved that they also increase the purchase intention because their marketing is not as forced as other ones and it is a good incentive for the consumer; increasing the buying intention in a 36%.

The Influencer Journey

Now that the influencer figure is clear, Jimena Azinovic provides this useful tips in order to apply them and improve your little company and thus grab influencer’s attention getting the best from social media.

  • Facebook is a good option if you want to find influential people around you. First you need to know how they use the key words and sentences and then you have to build an online relationship with that people, leaving comments and sharing their posts. You can also share content but without being oppressive with them.
  • In LinkedIn, besides, you can send an invitation and follow the pages you are interested in. Once the influence factor has accepted your invitation you can start interacting and building a more deep relationship.
  • Network in Twitter. Follow influential people and make your own lists. Take part in conversations and stay active by publishing public content.
  • Register in Instagram. Posting and using key hashtags will absolutely help you. Once you have identified the main accounts, make comments and tag your own pictures without forgetting to use the key words in each.

In Azinovic’s words, it is essential to build strong marketing and social relationships even though it is hard and difficult sometimes. Her recommendation is to start with one single network and then once you have it under control, to manage the rest with apps such as HootSuite.

As a reward, you will finally get the attention you wondered and you will be also thankful to the time spent managing them.


On top of those tips, Cristina Domínguez, argues and proves that social networks have turned into an essential channel for the great majority of prestigious brands, letting them establish a closer contact with potential customers.

The favorite for retailers and the one that is more used is Instagram. For the simple reason that their target market is focused on young people and thanks to the dynamics the app offers (pictures, videos, likes, comments…) it is accesible and easy to find the objective public. Before, it was Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook one of the leading networks, but since the interaction ratios and significance decreased, Instagram has become the first on the list.

The young customers are active and enjoy to scroll down and watch the new posts, outfits and news that the brands/influencers offer increasing so the amount of interactions and volume of posts in their own profiles. What can eventually mean that young people is everyday active and does not get fed up of seeing updates in their accounts claiming Instagram the favorite social network for the 33% of teenagers.


To sum up, as I have mentioned before, the figure of the influencer has also become an icon in branding campaigns and has revolutionize every network. It is people who shares the same values of the brand and makes it visible to the customer by sharing the use of the products. They provide quality content and not weird posts showing that the are professionals not just looking for likes, but working for the brand. Most of them are available online and what they only can ask for is content creation instead of money.

Thus, it is clear that every single little detail can be enough for engaging the customer and more indeed when someone that you know or a famous figure you admire somehow tells you that a product is worth enough to buy it and fashionable to wear. Another clear result is that visual content has better results in terms of marketing and sales and that applications such us Instagram have proved it.

To end up with, whatever thing you decide to buy, whether you have seen it on Instagram or not, needs to fit you and the most important thing of it, is that you like it or you enjoy using it. Because after all, the user experience and the after purchase experience is mainly the most important part of the purchase. Even if sometimes the buying process becomes special and enjoyable too.



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