The positive influence that social networks have on marketing and selling campaigns.

Jimena Azinovic, Cristina Dominguez and the website PuroMarketing agree on  the positive influence social networks and marketing have on selling campaigns. Social networks are one of the easiest and cheapest tools for publishing your brand in your objective market. Connecting with influential people on social media around you will help, by making your range wider and expanding your visibility.Read More »

Coca-Cola: the perfect example of how an strategy can change a company.

The Cambridge’s dictionary defines ‘strategy’ as a detailed ​plan for ​achieving ​success in ​situations such as ​war, ​politics, ​business, ​industry, or ​sport. In this case, the definition needs to be applied to the business field and the Coca-Cola Company more specifically.

In this second blog post, the powerful and good example of Coca Cola Company will be presented and deeply analyzed in order to see how a good strategy can change a company. This will be based on the book written by David ButlerDesign to Grow: How Coca-Cola Learned to Combine Scale and Agility (and How You Can Too)Read More »

Creating content: quality better than quantity

Putting together the five steps and strategies and following the words of Jonathan Long and Roger Bryan, the task of creating an effective content mix will turn into a surprisingly easy and attractive activity.

Setting up a company and making the best of it is not an easy task. In many cases, in order to recover the initial investment it is of great importance to build a strong brand and reinforce it little by little. In a company, for instance, the content is one of the keys to success. Because if content is well built, the followers will come and the money will do it also with them.Read More »