Golden Rules for a Successful Marketing Campaign

As big brands own an important amount of money to invest in publicity services, it is difficult for small businesses to compete against them. However, Victoria Kreyger states that the key to success is not having large amounts of money, but to create a strong connection between the customer and the brand, for example sharing great stories with them. Online advertising and social sharing are a fact in the Internet Era, therefore, small businesses do have an opportunity to win the battle of attracting customer’s attention, even with a shorter budget. In today’s post, many relevant ideas are given on how to achieve success in marketing campaigns, also the three most effective marketing campaigns in 2014 are analyzed.Read More »

Let’s Start Thinking of Yourself as a Brand

According to Glenn Llopis, strengthening one’s personal brand is fundamental to progress in one’s career and advancement as a leader. Moreover, it is a long and constant odyssey that goes further than using social media, he concludes.

A critical factor before spreading the name of a brand is the branding. In today’s post the reasons of its importance in the business world will be explained. First of all, the concept of branding must be defined to understand the key importance of it.

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