Giving your business a boost in 2014

índiceAndrew Wang claims that “Internet marketing is what you need to start increasing your sales figures”. If you are just starting you have to plan carefully your campaing. As he says, “after all, when it comes to marketing on the web, there are a ton of different choices you can make on how to run your campaign”. So, here you can find some of the best tips to give your business a boost.Read More »

The online engagement of our business: the case of Twitter

Joel Comm, an Internet marketer, claims that “creating an Internet business – even a small one – does require work, and part of that work involves staying up to date with the newest tools and the latest online innovations” (Comm, 2010). In this case, I am going to talk about Twitter as a marketing tool, which could help us to develop our business and see the importance of its online engagement.Read More »