Glance at the Mainly Reasons of the Blogger´s Conduct Code

Tim O´Reilly is giving us a sort of ideas about how to use a correct code of conduct in the blogs. In the three texts that I have been reading he give some examples and also a lot of explanations which are the reasons of the bad attitude of many people in many blogs. Here you are some of the reasons that I collected from these texts that seem interesting to know something about them. At least to have a little idea of this issue .Read More »

4 Steps to Promote your Business on Internet

Do you want to start a new business or make it bigger? If you are tired of staying many hours organizing and writing a lot of papers to have over control your business, here I am going to try to explain in a few words how to use the most current method all over the world without costs: Social Networks. Being unfamiliar with them is not an excuse. This is your site! I am going to explain step by step in the easiest way, taking into account some experts ideas; such as Kay Singh, the founder of SmallBusinessEcommerce, a service that offers Professional Websites for £49 , and Stephanie Frasco, a leading social media marketing consultant, who through experience has mastered some of the most powerful social media websites. In 2012 and 2013, both contribute to, where the world’s best thinkers on social media write. I have also based my work on Kim Bhasin‘s contribution in the web OpenForum. I have seen a general agreement about the advices I have choosen to write my own post. Now, the only thing you have to bring with is a great desire to start, because once you begin learning about this world, your interest cannot stop growing up. Read More »