The 4Ps: Defining the Marketing Mix

Even if the term “Marketing Mix” first appeared in the 1960s, this concept created by McCarthy is not famous at all. Many people may have heard of it, but perhaps they are not sure about what does “Marketing Mix” mean or whats does this idea involve. Basically, it means a new way regarding the marketing, that focuses in 4 main features. So as to define the concept and define some basic steps regarding the topic, one main source has been used, the blog of Roberto Espinosa, and it has been completed with another sources, such as MindTools webpage. Read More »

The History of Content Marketing

In September, the Content Marketing Insitute released a new documentary explaining the story of the Content Marketing. As it is explained in it, since the very beginning of the history, the human being has been inventing different stories and tales in order to attract the attention of the ones surrounding them. The same happened with the brands and the business persons, who created different narrations so as to attract and retain customers. 

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What is the Content Marketing?

A summary of the defintion given by the Content Marketing Institute could be that Content Marketing is a technique that consists on creating different content about our brand in order to attract the attention of different groups of our public, in order to make them new clients. This concept has become more popular recently and even if it is not a familiar expression for many, this concept is more common that what we think, in fact, other authors such as Montse Peñarroya, Joe Puzzi and Josh Steimle are also into this new type of Marketing.

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