Social Media Customer Service

Specialists in the field of social media marketing such as Brian Solis have come to the conclusion that social media can mean both a chance of success or a disaster when dealing with customers. Unlike companies’ previous systems  of dealing with customer complaints, social media include many possibles ways of making protests public. Furthermore, the truth about customers is that when they have a positive experience they tell a few people, but when they have a negative one they tell all the world. In order to avoid such a negative publicity for a company it is crucial to know which are the qualities that make a social customer service good.

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How Important is Blogging For Social Media Marketing?

The proper design of a blog is key to the success of a social media marketing strategy, according to recognized professionals of the field such as David Soler and Patricia Redsicker.  A blog updated on a regular basis brings the opportunity to increase the number of people marketing targets, and therefore increase the sales of a certain company. In fact, a study carried out in 2013, the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, has shown that the 63% of the marketers prefer to learn blogging in order to develop strategies. What can blogs be used for in terms of social media marketing?

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Social Media Policies

social-media-policyExperts in social media marketing such as Jeff Bullas and Jeane Meister insist on the importance of a proper social media policy for a company. Social media policies are tightly related to social media and the use they are given in the work enviroment. Just as social media can have a great positive impact on the company, they can also affect negatively the image of the entity when the shared content is inappropriate. This problem can be especially  serious for  big companies where hundred of employees work, for which it is nearly impossible to control what they individually do in terms of information sharing. How can this issue be solved?

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