Importance of English in business

For a very long time, English has been considered a language that connects people from all over the world. This language connection between the world’s habitants happened a long time ago. The British governed different areas of the world. Therefore, they imagesset the beginnings of English language and culture in those regions. As a consequence, British people established an “international” language although they had not intended to do that (Jyothi, 2012). Nowadays, it is one of the most spoken throughout all over the world.Read More »

Brands, logos and slogans

When we are thinking about an enterprise or a brand, we usually have in mind two things: firstly, the logo and, secondly, the slogan. The first concept, the logo, is the graphical element that represents a company. It usually consists of letters, abbreviations, symbols or numbers. By this logo enterprises are going to be identified by customers. However, not every logo works and it is successful: a bad design could make an enterprise or a brand not to be easily remembered. The characteristics that a logo should have to be successful are the following ones (Diaz, 2014): 

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Why is sampling essential to your business?


Sampling is an activity that it is defined as “the action of distributing free samples of products in order to promote a business”. A recent study done by The Promotion Marketing Association (Redaccion en Publicidad, 2008) reveals that at the moment, “sampling is the king of marketing”. This process of giving free patterns allows different businesses and enterprises to saving costs and also to making that business known. Moreover, the main advantage of giving free samples is to shorten the time between the first contact and the product purchase period and this activity is becoming the most used tool in marketing (Marketing Directo).Read More »