How does social networks impact social reality?

Social networks are nowadays a powerfull tool in means of establishing the icon topics that people pay attention to or the priorities and debates around the society. A current issue promoted by social networking was the migration flows as a part of the migration crisis. These social networks play a role of sensibilization or private interest promotor, and it is undeniable. That is why Organizations in al the world have researched in this topic so as to broaden its knowledge. According to the European Comission “The objective of the research in this field is to harness the collaborative power of ICT networks to create collective awareness of sustainability threats and enable collective solutions.”Read More »

Philip Kotler´s ten points in marketing: the continuous process

The environment in which marketing proposals takes place, is continuously changing, and proposals such as the Philip Kotler one has become one of the most recognized in the marketing world. This “acknowledged as the father of modern marketing“ (Bose, 2010) afirmed statements such as the followings (Kotler, 2010), that turned to be at first polemic among the marketing world. That is why every moment is becoming more interesting and necessary a theoretical analysis of the main proposals by the moment, and that is exactly what it is going to be found in the next paragraphs

Our job is to wake up the customers. If we become predictable, that’s not waking them up…The best advertising is done by satisfied customers…Today you have to run faster to stay in place. (Kotler, 2010)

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Moré. E. in marketing “from a company’s need to…a crowded marketplace”

In the recent time, marketing has rapidly developed in many ways. Not only it has been widely extended over the world, but also there has been an enormous transformation on marketing investigations. Over the course of this recently started XXI century, it is daily visible a change in the marketing industry. The way of approaching acquired in the following article is strongly linked to primaly sources and current reserachings about the marketing world.

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