Culture & Consumption

Tom Fishburne claims “the best marketing, doesn’t feel like makerting“. He is the owner of a marketing campaings company (Marketoonist). Living in a world composed by 198 countries, for sure that will exist more than 198 politics of marketing which in consequence will mean hundreds of different requests. So, the most relevant thing for a successful business will be start by answering to the question; why is so important to study culture for marketing? In Melissa Fannon’s words ,  the most important point is to become familiar with the culture of the country we are planning to establish the market. As it is mentioned before, there are many differences between continents and even in the same ones, the countries which form those continents don’t use the same marketing system or have the same preferences.Lahle Wolfe remarks the importance that customers needs and feelings when we launch a marketing campaing. One symbol can have a totally different meaning in different countries and between two sex (ex; Mc Donald’s, Coca Cola, FUBU…)Read More »