Marketing in Social Media


According to Larry Kim, marketing in social media is one of the most powerful tools for business to approach to their customers and to get new ones. As everybody knows, shopping and looking for services via online it is increasingly becoming a common way of market, so it’s decisive to have an influential social media presence on the web. But before going into deeper discussions, let’s start by defining what is marketing in social media.

Marketing in social media is an internet marketing way in which it is necessary the use of online tools as social networks, a strong digital identity and a powerful website in order to attract people attention and achieve benefits of an enterprise.  It includes activities in which are involved the uploading of videos, images, writing in blogs…


In order to execute successful social media marketing, the business owner should follow some steps:


1-     The first thing a business should do is to establish the goals of its marketing. This is very important because the objectives are going to impulse and decide the kind of activities the business should do and the different ways to carry them out.

2-     Regular presence on the web with useful or entertaining updates. The more constant activity that a company can offer on their websites, it is reflected in a greater role between customers and therefore greater benefit.

3-     Build relationships. This powerful activity will bring credibility to the company and it will help to and this will help the company to maintain close relationships with customers.

4-     Be prepared for negative comments. It’s normal to have negative comments, not everybody have the same likes. The key is to manage them well and quickly in order to remove their importance.


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