Green Marketing

Most of society is not prepared to reduce its level of consumption. The aim of marketing is to change consumption habits, to consume in a different way. Therefore, the concern about environmental issues should be moved to the purchase and consumption behavior. According to Daniel Cano García, the ecological marketing arises due to environmental movement that had been concerned about the consequences for the environment.Read More »

Marketing Mix and Strategies

As it affirms the blog “pixel creativo”, the discipline of marketing has its aim on maintaining the clients of an specific product or service by satisfying their necessities, and that is why it is continuously analyzing the market and consumers’ behavior. During 1950, the professor Neil Bourden from, the business school of Harvard, redefined the position of the Marketing boss, developing what it is called “Marketing Mix”, with the aim of concreting determined objectives and establishing closer relation with clients. Read More »

The 4Ps: Defining the Marketing Mix

Even if the term “Marketing Mix” first appeared in the 1960s, this concept created by McCarthy is not famous at all. Many people may have heard of it, but perhaps they are not sure about what does “Marketing Mix” mean or whats does this idea involve. Basically, it means a new way regarding the marketing, that focuses in 4 main features. So as to define the concept and define some basic steps regarding the topic, one main source has been used, the blog of Roberto Espinosa, and it has been completed with another sources, such as MindTools webpage. Read More »