Philip Kotler´s ten points in marketing: the continuous process

The environment in which marketing proposals takes place, is continuously changing, and proposals such as the Philip Kotler one has become one of the most recognized in the marketing world. This “acknowledged as the father of modern marketing“ (Bose, 2010) afirmed statements such as the followings (Kotler, 2010), that turned to be at first polemic among the marketing world. That is why every moment is becoming more interesting and necessary a theoretical analysis of the main proposals by the moment, and that is exactly what it is going to be found in the next paragraphs

Our job is to wake up the customers. If we become predictable, that’s not waking them up…The best advertising is done by satisfied customers…Today you have to run faster to stay in place. (Kotler, 2010)

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Blogging for a living: not as easy as it seems

Choosing to blog is a common decision in nowadays society according to Phil Mershon (2011) but one of the first things that need to be done, according to Brenda Stoltz (2014),  is to seblogging-imaget clear goals for the blog. But it is not always easy to succes as Geof Williams (2013) discovers. It is crucial to have in mind the different perspectives in order to be more likely  to succes on the path of blogging for a living.Read More »

Glance at the Mainly Reasons of the Blogger´s Conduct Code

Tim O´Reilly is giving us a sort of ideas about how to use a correct code of conduct in the blogs. In the three texts that I have been reading he give some examples and also a lot of explanations which are the reasons of the bad attitude of many people in many blogs. Here you are some of the reasons that I collected from these texts that seem interesting to know something about them. At least to have a little idea of this issue .Read More »

How Important is Blogging For Social Media Marketing?

The proper design of a blog is key to the success of a social media marketing strategy, according to recognized professionals of the field such as David Soler and Patricia Redsicker.  A blog updated on a regular basis brings the opportunity to increase the number of people marketing targets, and therefore increase the sales of a certain company. In fact, a study carried out in 2013, the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, has shown that the 63% of the marketers prefer to learn blogging in order to develop strategies. What can blogs be used for in terms of social media marketing?

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