Profitable Businesses in Crisis Times

As the contributor in Forbes magazine Fabienne Friedrickson said:

The high tech environment in which we do business today—with real-time
tools involving email and social media—allows us to communicate and
interact with millions of people in an instant with the simple click of a
button, automate and pre-schedule just about anything we want to say,
and carry out entire campaigns almost single handily. These tools allow
us to accomplish so much with so little—yet they can also desensitize
us in a way that puts our businesses—and more importantly our
humanity—at risk unless we start to pay closer attention.

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Youth unemployment in Spain


41.7% of young Spaniards are unemployed, a figure that has increased by 15.5 points in the last year. In Spain, unemployment in general continues growing, however, youth unemployment is the most worrying fact that already exceeded the rate of 57% in October, placing Spain among the countries with most under 25 people out of work.Read More »